June 4, 2009

More Clarksville Baseball Teams

Clarksville native Den Chulick sent a few photos of Clarksville baseball teams to share here. His father, John Chulick, was as active as any man in the community regarding baseball. He helped organize and coached both Little League and Pony League ball.

Clarksville Pirates, probably 1960
Front Row : Jay ( Farmer ) Doman, unknown, John Bevelacqua, Richard ( Dickey) Swinchock,Gary Mylan, unknown
Back Row : John Culp, John Chulick, Barry Mylan, Herman Ropele, Den Chulick,unknown ( Knight ? ), Paul Antonio, Tony Fermeli

Pirate Allstars, probably 1959
Front Row : Den Chulick, Tony Fermeli, Herman Ropele
Back Row : John Culp, Barry Mylan, Paul Antonio

Clarksville Pony League Team, probably 1961-62
Front Row : Frank Benemati, Herman Ropele, Den Chulick, James Destefanis, Bill Knepp, Mel Remington, John Chulick
Back Row : Bill ( Wilbur) Hardy, F. Shuman, Ron Giovanelli, , Ron Swinchock, Jack Gould, Tom Sellers

Thanks for the great photos Denny. My other, earlier post on baseball in Clarksville is here.

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