November 21, 2008


This is an 1902 banknote from the First National Bank of Millsboro Pa. This bank went out of business in the early 1930's.

Harry Brockway's Livery Stable at Millsboro Pa.

Millsboro's "taxable inhabitants" in 1859

George Bumgarner was the original patentee of the area now known as Millsboro, he applied in 1769 and it was granted in 1796. The town was laid out in 1809 and was, at first, a borough. In 1859 it had two stores, a foundry, three cooper shops, a public house, a steam grist mill, a saw mill, a cabinet and wagon manufactory, three churchs and 200 people.
This wooden crate once held 12 quarts of good Monongahela Whiskey made by the James Emery Distillery in Millsboro. The side reads " Established 1864 " though he was listed as a distiller as early as 1859. It was in 1867 that he erected a distillery just above the steamboat landing. It is believed to have stopped working in 1912. I was very excited to find this box years ago, it would probably be easier to find a bottle of the whiskey.

The Emery Distillery at the foot of Mill street in 1901, looking east.

image from W. Scott Bowers' Fredericktown Yesterday and Today

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