October 20, 2009

Clarksville Hill School And The Beth Center Schools In 1961-62

Here is the Clarksville Hill School fourth grade class of 1961-62, graduating class of 1969.

Top Row : Steve Markovich, Sandy Strastanko, Larry Durdines
2nd Row : Patty Mark, Pat "Pucky" Danko, Rita Mikolay, Bobby Lockett, Kathy Lewis, Billy Murphy, Janet Miles,
Third Row : Ann Wishart, Bert Kiefer, Minnie Thomas, Kathy Lancaster, Bill Jenaway, Carla Lambert
Fourth Row: Marie Boswell, Ron Stuvek, Hollis Smith, John Venick, Yvonne "Bunny" Willis, Louis Monroe, Claudia Lewis
Fifth Row : Darla Booze, Frank Carrico, Tom Kowalczyk, Marlene Evans

Thanks to reader and classmate Bill Jenaway for providing some names that I could not remember.

The Clarksville Hill school likely early 1960's. Thank you Stanley Fowler for preserving this wonderful photo of my childhood school !

This is a list of all Beth Center officials and teachers by school and town. The schools listed are : Beallsville, Clarksville Hill, B-C High School ( Deemston ) , B-C Junior High ( Centerville ) Deemston, Denbo, Low Hill, Marianna, Richeyville, Union School ( Fredericktown ), Vestaburg and West Bethlehem ( Marianna ).

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